COVID - 19 Update

With immediate effect and until further notice ALL club waters are closed, we apologise for this but after following Government & Angling Trust guidelines this has been implemented. As this situation is ongoing, it will be reviewed when new information becomes available.

This has also been done to protect our members, our officials and our stock as with people being told to stay indoors unless walking, cycling, jogging, going for food, medication or work we are unable to police our waters. By doing this we can inform local authorities that no one should be fishing and they can help us to protect our interests.

We hope the situation changes in the near future and would like to thanks all our members and friends for supporting the club in these difficult times.

Please note, any member breaking this closure will not only be putting themselves at risk of fines from the police but will also risk their ongoing membership of the club. Thank you for understanding and please let us all stay safe.

Best Regards - The Lamb Angling Club


Your current membership Expired on the 6th of March.

Options to join or renew are at Tackle Addicts Tamworth or Online via this website (You will need a code to access the Renewals please message either the club or Glen Barber via email or messenger or social media for a code).

New memberships for the 2020 season

For info on membership please visit our membership page to download a form,

once completed please contact a club official to join or renew your membership. Or visit Tackle Addicts in Tamworth (Cash Only Option)

Use the 'join now' button below or on our Membership Page to Join Online.

Or send us a message via email or use the contact form on here.

**Please Note** Club rules still apply if joining online. If you join and shouldn't due to being refused membership previously or have had your membership revoked previously we reserve the right to charge a 10% admin fee when refunding your payment if your application is refused for the reasons mentioned. If in doubt please message us first.

When joining online for the 2020 season, we will post out your membership card and key, once received you can fish straight away, your membership will expire 05/03/2021 (Renewals night).

Please note. Club bailiffs and officials reserve the right to ask to see a current valid EA rod licence. Failure to produce one may result in removal from club waters.

The Lamb

The Lamb Angling Club was formed in 1928. We are the longest running member based angling club in and around the Tamworth Area Staffordshire


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