Meet the team

Honorary President

Terry Brindle - Terry has been a member of the club for 36 years, he has previously held the role of club secretary and we are proud to have him as our president.

Spends most of his angling time fishing local rivers around the Midlands, with a particular passion for club waters on the Anker and Mease plus other upper Trent venues.

Mainly after chub and barbel, catches the odd good fish at times but likes to be a bit of a secret squirrel - until he gets to know you that is!



Phil Jackson - Phil is an avid tench fisherman but also enjoys most fishing situations, he loves fly fishing and travels the world looking for wild salmon and other species, Phil has been with the club over 10 years and has previously held the role of treasurer. He has been known to also write books on tench fishing.....

PJ Trout


Barry Lightfoot - Barry has recently taken on the role of club secretary after many years as chairman.

Barry could have retired from work a couple of decades ago but to keep his mind and body active he decided to carry on working.

Barry enjoys all aspects of coarse fishing and can be seen wielding a pole from time to time on a few of the club waters.

Barry is responsible for collating meeting agendas and reminding us all to attend by distributing pre-meeting agendas and reminders.

Barry is also responsible along with other club officers for negotiating leases and documentation.



Lee Hughes - Lee has been a member of the club since the days of the Lamb Juniors, where he competed weekly in matches organised by the club 22 plus years ago and has maintained his membership ever since.

Lee has been an active club fisheries officer for over 10 years and a club committee member for over 8 years now. He is a keen carp angler but also enjoys chub and barbel fishing on the rivers.

With 3 young children who also have a love for the sport as much as he does, the club's waters offer them the opportunity to learn the skills to catch a few fish along the way.

Lee brings a wealth of fisheries knowledge both on club and other local waters to the team. He is an Angling Trust area co-ordinator working within their fisheries enforcement team (VBs) and is also a water bailiff for other local clubs.

Lee has now commenced his role as club treasurer from Dec 2019 and after being part of the club for most of his life and seeing it go through many changes, he has accepted the treasurer role with great pride and is a role we know he will be fully committed to.

LH Carp


Glen Barber - Glen looks after the role of vice-chairman and also membership secretary, IT Secretary, and club Admin, his role includes the website and club portal management as well as minute taking and distribution at meetings and AGM. Glen is an all-round fisherman (When time allows) and enjoys carp and coarse fishing, fly fishing and sea fishing with his biggest fish to date being a 50lb tope, along with a UK 30lb carp.

Glen is an IT Consultant for a software company so he is ideally suited to the elements of his role for the club.

Big-Scale-33lb-3oz-Copy-Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

Committee member - Work party coordinator (Contruction projects)

Glenn Alexander - Glenn has been a club member for many years and a committee member for a fair few of those. He is an avid carp angler but enjoys all forms of the sport. As a construction business owner, Glenn is responsible for all of the large maintenance projects the club does, such as the disabled platforms installed on Borrowpit, you may see him from time to time behind the controls of a digger or similar piece of machinery on club waters and arranging and organising work parties.

There's nothing he likes more than a"Big French Girl" a large French carp that is.....

GA Carp

Committee member - Head Bailiff

Maciej Szuchmilski - We first met Maciej when organising some matches between Eastern European and British anglers on an Angling trust project called building bridges. Maciej became a bailiff for the club and mainly concentrates on our canal stretches. Maciej became a committee member a few years ago.

If you could define a fishing fanatic, then Mac is it, with many a trophy and a love for all aspects of the sport Mac brings a lot to the club (When he's not fishing which isn't often)

A lure angler at heart, you can often see him wandering the canals with rod and lure in hand, or in the water. But being from Poland, don't ask him about fish weights, it's all about centimetres.....


Committee member - Work party coordinator (Maintenance)

Graham  Matthews - Graham is a keen carp, tench and bream angler. As a gardening business owner Graham is ideally suited to the role of waters maintenance work party coordinator. Looking after grass and tree cutting of the majority of our waters. Graham also likes a spot of big game fishing when the opportunity presents itself. You can often see him bivvied up on Borrowpit when he's not racing pigeons.

GM Carp

Committee member

Jeff Wigley - Jeff is a new addition to the committee, being retired Jeff has plenty of fishing time to hand, and enjoys all aspects of coarse fishing


Committee member

Tom Coggins - Tom as with Jeff is a recent addition to the committee and our thanks to both of them for offering to help with the running of the club. Tom is a keen carp angler and has had his fair share of some of the larger residents of Borrowpit over the years. His free time these days is more limited than it used to be with business and family commitments but he can often be seen patrolling our waters keeping his eye in. Welcome to the team