The lamb angling club was originally formed in 1926 as a match angling club, the original headquarters were in the Lamb public-house in Kettlebrook Tamworth, hence the name of the club.

The pub has long since gone and now Tamworth football club stands in its place, the football team are also affectionately known as 'The Lambs'

The club these days is more of a leisure-based club with a good mix of coarse and carp angling members, although we are more than happy to run coarse or carp matches if our members would like us to.

The headquarters have moved around over the years and we are now headquartered at Coton and Hopwas social club, right on the side of the canal! Unfortunately, we don't control this stretch of canal.

With a dedicated committee and a team of enthusiastic bailiffs, we work with members and other third-party agencies to always strive to get the best experience and value for our members.

We like to think that in a world of commercial fisheries, we offer excellent value for money with a decent portfolio of rivers, canals, pools and lakes to cover a wide variety of different environments for our members to while away the hours in pursuit of that special catch.

Membership is annual and priced on a per-rod basis. We also sell day tickets on Borrowpit lake and our canal stretches which offer great value too for those not wishing to join. Our day tickets are 7am to 7pm only and can be purchased here. Membership affords the additional benefit of being able to night fish waters that we permit members to.

In summary, we believe that we are not only the oldest club in Tamworth but also the best.