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New Member within a 5-mile radius of Tamworth. Please contact us if outside this radius BEFORE buying a membership. Online purchase does not guarantee acceptance and refunds will be issued minus fees if applicable

Click button to download a membership form if taking into Tackle Addicts Tamworth

Current Annual Membership Fees

New 1 Rod - £40 plus £15 Joining Fee (£55)

New 2 Rod - £80 plus £15 Joining Fee (£95)

New 3 Rod - £120 plus £15 Joining Fee (£135)

New 1 Rod OAP - £30 plus £15 Joining Fee (£45)

Canal 1 Rod (ALL) - £25

Canal 2 Rod (ALL) - £50

Canal 3 Rod (ALL) - £75

1 Rod (Renewal) - £40

2 Rod (Renewal) - £80

3 Rod (Renewal) - £120

OAP Renewal - £30

**Please Note** Renewals are for any members who have been a member within the last 2 years, all other members need to apply for a new membership. If your membership has lapsed for 2 years you need to rejoin as a new member.

Membership is membership of the club and gives the member access to fish the club's portfolio of waters which may be subject to change during a membership year. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable, a joining fee is paid to cover the administration cost of joining and is also non-refundable

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