Lamb Pools

"Welcome to our Pools page. Please note all pools on this page do not have a fishing closed season."

- Lamb AC


Mill Pool - Fazeley

Hidden away in Fazeley is a real little gem. Turn off the busy A5 into Victoria Drive a residential Cul-de-Sac and park up. There, behind a high fenced gated enclosure is a shallow, silty, stream-fed, tree-lined pool. The type of secret pool you would find angling writers of old waxing lyrical about. Within its banks reside a healthy head of carp both common and mirror, with weights running into mid-doubles. Carp can be easily located as they cloud up the water with their tails and dorsal fins breaking surface as they feed, giving their presence away. Seeing carp bow waving out of the swim as your float disappears and you set the hook into one of their numbers is a fantastic sight. The Mill Pool is a mixed fishery so bream, roach, perch and even gudgeon can be expected as part of your bag.
Tactics have to meet the issues of very shallow water combined with a very silty bottom. Short stemmed loaded floats are ideal. If a feeder is being used, make it a light one combined with a longer hook link so baits are not pulled into the silt. It’s also an ideal venue for surface fishing in hot weather. At the moment, there are only a couple of fishable pegs, but the club has plans to open a few more up for the coming season.  Why not step back in time, pay the Mill Pool a visit and experience fishing like it used to be!