You can now join online using the button below. **Please note** all club rules apply, if for any reason you have been refused membership or had it removed or revoked in the past then please contact a club official as you will be charged a 20% admin fee or £15 whichever is greater if your membership is subsequently revoked because of this. Refunds will be made by cheque and could take up to 30 days to process. (If in doubt contact a club official). When joining online for the 2022 season, we will post out your membership card and key, you can fish straight away but have available the joining email and a photo ID., your membership will expire 03/03/2023 on Renewals night.

Click button to download a membership form if taking into Tackle Addicts Tamworth

Current Annual Membership Fees

New 1 Rod - £40 plus £15 Joining Fee (£55)

New 2 Rod - £80 plus £15 Joining Fee (£95)

New 3 Rod - £120 plus £15 Joining Fee (£135)

New 1 Rod OAP - £30 plus £15 Joining Fee (£45)

Canal 1 Rod (ALL) - £25

Canal 2 Rod (ALL) - £50

Canal 3 Rod (ALL) - £75

1 Rod (Renewal) - £40

2 Rod (Renewal) - £80

3 Rod (Renewal) - £120

OAP Renewal - £30

**Please Note** Renewals are for any members who have been a member within the last 2 years, all other members need to apply for a new membership. If your membership has lapsed for 2 years you need to rejoin as a new member.

Membership is membership of the club and gives the member access to fish the club's portfolio of waters which may be subject to change during a membership year. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable, a joining fee is paid to cover the administration cost of joining and is also non-refundable

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